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General Manager US

By Marcus Bengtsson Group, the tech company that reshapes how people all over the world checkin with services online, is expanding. During 2020 we handled 18 million checkin sessions from more than 165 countries, and now it is time for us to conquer the US as well. Hence we  humbly seek the best GM in North America to help us establish and grow our business.

Who are we?

Handling signups, identity and log-ins is a complex task in a globalized and regulated world. Our unique end-to-end SaaS-software helps our customers grow faster by providing their end users with the best possible checkin experience no matter where they are or which device they use. But to answer the question who we are? We are a global team of friends who want to achieve something fantastic together. We are based all over the world with a fully remote setup and a wide mix of cultures and skillsets working hard and having fun. Bloomberg found our remote culture and ways of working interesting, read more about that here - in short it’s about efficiency and perks (for example our four day working week, ban on internal e-mails, 30 days of paid vacation per year etc). Techcrunch also featured our growth, speed and ambition level  in this article (for example we went from nothing to Sweden’s most successful IPO in 2021 within only four years).

About the role

You will be responsible for Checkin Group's US Business and Expansion, reporting to our deputy CEO. Using your network to create a team from scratch, setting up an office, form the expansion strategy and make sure the rest of the organization supports you in our joint goal to “make it in America”. You will have a direct and measurable impact on the success of the entire group from your first day at work.

About you

You are an highly ambitious, result driven and independently working person. You want to continue your career in a fast paced tech company where you can get stuff done instead of getting stuck in power point meetings in big organizations where people mostly talk instead. Previously you have been part of building teams and culture from small to big. You are as comfortable making big deals as you are inspiring people around you to perform close to their maximum. Your mindset is focused on generating value and pragmatic solutions. It does not matter where in the US you are based but you need to be open to travel a bit when needed.  


Drop an intro to [email protected]