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Test Engineer

By Marcus Bengtsson

What we offer

Start-up culture. We are a small and highly motivated product driven company. Your contribution will have a direct impact on the product and the success of

  • Become a key part of a great team of skilled experts, all sitting remote but working closely together
  • A career opportunity. Join the core team during the beginning of our journey and grow your responsibilities as grows
  • Flexibility of working from home with potential option to relocate to Sweden in the future
  • A competitive salary with opportunities for fast promotion
  • Long term employment with great benefits such as 6 weeks paid vacation

You will

  • Enable world class quality for our Web UI and data enrichment (API) solutions
  • Build on our Quality Assurance strategies to enable great quality across or multiple devices and partner configurations
  • Focus on quality automation, enabling improved development speed and quality control
  • Do manual and automated testing on UIs and APIs
  • Constantly learn, share and develop your skill set
  • Work with javascript based test technologies such as Jest, Selenium and NightwatchJs

You have

  • Solid experience from, or burning interest in test and quality assurance
  • Documented work experience from coding (javascript not needed), or coding in quality pipelines
  • Worked with web-based products
  • A keen eye for finding tricky problems and reproducing them
  • Good communication skills (oral and written) in English

It would be nice if you also have

  • Willingness to learn and to take a role as the test automation lead
  • Mobile web-based test experience or app test experience
  • API testing experience with Insomnia or Postmate
  • Performance and stability test experience
  • Done work in Selenium or Cypress based E2E testing and and automation
  • Worked with performance, loading and responsiveness in web pages
  • Experience with CI and or AWS deployments

Our current stack

Although we constantly update it and have many different types of backends and frontends, we also acknowledge that sometimes a lot of technical words can make it easier to understand the work. For us the Front-end makes up most of the product. This list is the FE, BE and collaboration with the note-worthy just bunched together:

  • AWS Cloudfront, AWS Lambda, S3, Travis-CI, Sentry, Vue 2, Vuex, Single page components, Sass, i18next, Babel, Webpack, Nightwatchjs, karma, jest, and more.
  • AWS ELB, AWS DB, Node 8, Travis-Ci, Feathersjs 3, jwt, REST, SMS, payment integrations, jest and more
  • Slack, Hangouts, VSCode, Github Organizations, Google (Office)


Send an email to [email protected] explaining why you would be a good fit to the team and we will review and get back to setup a short video call to get to know you a bit better