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Web designer

By Marcus Bengtsson

About us

We are a fully remote and close team of ambitious friends spread out over the world to help consumers connect with great brands and products. is already providing the best registration flows in the world, working with some of the coolest and most innovative global partners, brands and suppliers to evolve every day.

About the role

Our Product Team is world leading in the area of data driven design and personalization. Be part of challenging the way things have been designed years ago where poorly designed user experiences are being accepted as the truth. As a Web Designer at you will get the opportunity to grow and apply your skills widely and deeply. What you create will be viewed by some of the World's largest companies with a shared love for simplicity, design and an obsession for making practical and innovative user experiences. Your output will be reflected on our main customer acquisition pages within days from sketch to delivery.

About you

You are ambitious, responsible and curious  with genuine love for product and UX, with your heart closest to web-design. You want to continue your career in a fast paced startup instead of seeing your vision getting stuck while fighting backlog wars in slow moving organizations. Having spent a lot of heart and time on really thinking about the purpose of different landing pages and how your ideas are received by users is a requirement to excel at this job.  Your location does obviously not matter since we are a remote team.


Send an email to [email protected] explaining why you would be a good fit to the team and we will review and get back to setup a short video call to get to know you a bit better