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Introducing Regily’s latest innovation, Regily Remote.

Swedish start-up Regily, the world-leading check-in provider, has launched the latest innovation to its product portfolio, Regily Remote. Regily Remote introduces a different take on how an operator’s registration flow is displayed on different affiliates’ websites. It allows the end-user to complete the registration flow on the affiliate’s page without any redirects to the operator’s page upon registration.

Regily Remote elevates the user experience of our operator’s end-users by allowing them to stay on the affiliate’s external page while registering to the operator’s site.

The steps and time throughout this process are kept to a minimum to ensure the user follows through with the registration. This leads to a higher number of end-users completing the operator’s registration flow from external websites and ultimately increase conversion.

Regily Remote will reap immediate rewards by supporting the operators to outperform the competition by creating an outstanding user experience.

For Regily, this new product is a way to broaden its product portfolio, whilst still, aim towards the goal of helping partners get a registration flow their end-users will love.

Regily Remote is dependent on Regily’s existing framework and the data-driven services it provides, making it an integral and natural part of our product and service offering.

Kristoffer Cassel, CEO & Co-founder at Regily says, “This is a real game-changer. This technology will mean the death of redirects and landing pages and change the way people connect with great products and services. I really can’t wait to disclose the first success cases as the figures are pretty crazy so far, and this is really all about conversion in the end.”

About Regily
Regily applies advanced technologies to make it enjoyable for users to sign up for new services online. The company is on a mission to fix one of the truly broken processes of the web.

The solution allows users to control data while making great services grow faster. Regily evaluates current forms, set up a workflow, and provide front-end integration to keep services up and running within a day.

The company was founded in January 2017 by Kristoffer Cassel and Alexey Kuznetsov. It is based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Wunderino enable sign-ups directly on affiliate sites in partnership with Internet Vikings and Regily