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Swedish tech success Regily launches

Tech success Regily was founded in Sweden four years ago, by former product frontmen of Klarna, with the idea of replacing the existing and often complicated online processes for signup and identification with one unified process for user onboarding, or checkin. The company has since then developed their unique SaaS offering to become the world’s leading checkin-solution, guaranteeing their partners increased conversion irrespective of the end-users  geography or device. Regily now releases the third generation software with the launch of

The company's unique SaaS-offering makes them the world leading supplier within checkins, a position which is now further enforced with the launch of The software framework not only helps online services sign up users more effectively, but also identifies them in the process and makes it easier for them once they return. Regily aims to disrupt and improve checkins globally in a similar way to what the likes of Klarna, Adyen and Stripe have done to checkouts.

“We are super excited to launch which will be key for us in our long term vision to radically change how people all over the globe checkin to services online. With this launch we can help our partners grow by offering their users the best checkin experience possible, no matter geography, device or personal preference”, explains Kristoffer Cassel, CEO and founder of Regily.

The key behind the success is how the company's software increases the number of new users, with a minimum of effort for online services. With a single line of code integrated to their front-end, brands can offer their users checkin flows which are globally adapted out of the box. The deep tech framework is based on and continuously learns from millions of data points that ensures improved conversions. On a monthly basis the company handles millions of checkins, offering users from nearly every country on the planet a locally adapted and fuss-free checkin experience.

About Regily
The first line of code for the Regily framework was written back in 2017. The company's goal since then has been clear: to establish a new internet standard for checkins. Regily's SaaS-software combines multiple UX-systems, data sources, and identity solutions to instantly configure the best possible experience for each end-user at the point of checkin. The company recruits and works globally to find and maintain the best talents available across the globe, and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


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