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Wunderino enable sign-ups directly on affiliate sites in partnership with Internet Vikings and Regily

The new solution for letting customers sign up on the spot directly on affiliate sites without any redirects, Regily Remote, was built to help accelerate affiliate traffic conversion for online brands. After signing up, the user proceeds to the brand already logged in and ready to use the service.

iGaming brand Wunderino is using the solution from Regily with its Brand Protection partner Internet Vikings.

Brands and affiliates are benefiting greatly from Remote, as it saves them time, provides them with a secure framework that is adapted for new legislation, keeps them ahead of the competition, reduces the work carried out between them and affiliates, and increases their conversion rates in different markets.

For the end-user, it eliminates redirects and extra clicks making it much faster to complete the registration. It enhances their experience and reduces drop-offs significantly. It is a win-win situation for all involved parties.

Operators can enable Regily Remote easily as no further integration is required from affiliate sites. Regily’s framework stores no data, even when using Remote, which lets the operator benefit from the technology while maintaining full ownership and control over the user data.

Rickard Vikström, Chief Commercial Officer and Founder of Internet Vikings said: “The innovation of this product, Regily Remote, is like no other on the market. It significantly improves conversion by eliminating redirects. This tool will greatly complement the Brand Protection strategy that we deploy together with Wunderino”.

About Regily
Regily applies advanced technologies to make it enjoyable for users to sign up for new services online. The company is on a mission to fix one of the truly broken processes of the web.
The solution allows users to control data while making great services grow faster. Regily evaluates current forms, set up a workflow, and provide front-end integration to keep services up and running within a day.
The company was founded in January 2017 by Kristoffer Cassel and Alexey Kuznetsov. It is based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Introducing Regily’s latest innovation, Regily Remote.


Regily completes oversubscribed private placement attracting top Nordic tech investors